Small Cities Development Program


Regardless of whether or not your community has recently participated in the grants awarded by Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) through the Small City Development Program (SCDP) NOW is a great time to start planning for upcoming SCDP grants!

• Housing Grants - Available for rental and owner-occupied housing of low to moderate income residents.  If your community is awarded this grant, DEED requires a target area of the community within which the funds are to be utilized.  This is designed so that the improvements, made possible by the grants, will not only benefit the renter and home-owner, but improve the property value of the housing in that neighborhood. When physical improvements increase the value of the neighborhood, your entire community benefits.

• Commercial Grants – Provide a great opportunity for repairs and redevelopment of commercial buildings within the grantee’s community. Small City grants are intended, in part, to help communities update and better utilize existing commercial buildings to keep them in good repair for the continued use in the community.

Historic Building Repurpose – Small City grants may also provide opportunity to revitalize historic buildings.  If you have an historic building in your community and would like to learn what options you may have for potentially updating the building or perhaps re-using the building in a new project, contact DSI for more information on how this grant and other funding resources may be available.

• Public Facility Grants - Funds are granted for wastewater treatment projects, fresh water projects (wells, water towers), distribution systems, storm sewer projects, flood control projects and street projects.