Kristie Johnson


Kristie Johnson, Financial Manager

Kristie manages the bookkeeping, general ledger accounting and the drawdown of funds.

DSI administers Small City Development Program (SCDP) Grants as provided by Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).  Cities are able to utilize SCDP funds for owner-occupied and commercial buildings, as well as city infrastructure, and many other renovations and developments.  The SCDP grants provide deferrable and repayable loans for eligible applicants.  DSI further assists clients in identifying other leveraged funding that can be utilized further the improvements being made within the community.  Funding such as this requires extensive and complete administrative management.

Kristie, DSI’s Financial Manager, has the knowledge necessary to process the financial steps of the SCDP grant funds and other leveraged sources as well as other DSI financial management.  She monitors and records the financial transactions and ensures proper financial records are maintained.  In addition to the financial records, Kristie prepares the necessary documents that are required by DEED for the release of SCDP grant funds and tracks the proper disbursements.

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