Grant Services

• Grant Writing -  Outside funding can be essential for community development and economic development projects to succeed.  However, identifying funding programs and then applying for those funds can be major challenges.  DSI has tapped multiple federal and state programs for tens of millions of dollars in grant and loan assistance for clients’ projects.  While there will not be a program to meet every need, we can advise you about available funding sources, their feasibility to assist your project, as well as the procedures and costs of applying.

• Grant Administration -  Once your project is funded, the grant or loan must be administered. Government regulations, compliance issues, budgeting, contracting, reporting, and other factors all come into play.  DSI’s lengthy experience in administering federal and state programs means you and your staff will not need to reinvent the wheel or face a learning curve to implement your project.  We can handle all or part of your grant’s administrative requirements, depending on your own local needs.