Business & Economic Development

If you are an individual entrepreneur with a new business idea, or an EDA searching for ways to grow jobs in the community, a group of local investors working to organize an economic development project or a Regionally-based organizations that take a wide view of development...DSI can assist with each of these.

• One-to-One Assistance -  Over the years, DSI has worked with hundreds of individual entrepreneurs, people with a passion for starting a business of their own or expanding an existing business.  We won’t do their project “for them.”  But we can guide them through the twists and turns of pursuing a business idea – whether it’s helping prepare a business plan, obtaining financing, or connecting with other experts who can help make their business a success.

• Economic Development Authorities -  Local EDAs often face obstacles in their work to improve local economic conditions.  They may have limited funds.  They may have little or no staff.  Their volunteer members have only so much time available.  DSI can assist by helping develop viable projects, exploring funding sources, and coordinating project implementation.

• Investor Groups -  DSI has extensive experience working with investor groups who seek to pool their resources in order to accomplish an economic development project.  Whether the investors are interested in housing development, alternative energy such as windpower or ethanol, or other enterprises – DSI can provide the leadership necessary to carry out a successful project.

• Regional Organizations -  Economic development often links communities rather than dividing them. A project that is undertaken in one city can have valuable spin-off benefits in a neighboring city. In those situations, looking beyond our borders to enhance an entire region becomes all the more important.  DSI can provide support services needed for communities and organizations to work together towards a common objective.